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  • Check mark  Slip and Falls Are The Number One Cause of Accidents in The Home - 30% of All Reported Injuries.
  • Check mark  Make Your Porcelain Steel Enamel Bathtubs Safe!
  • Check mark  Easy To Apply - Takes Less Than 10 Minutes.
  • Check mark  Safe Solution® Makes Ceramic Tiles Safe as Well.
  • Check mark  Three Year Guarantee on Bathtubs. 

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 With use of Clean Step™ multipurpose cleaner.

Caution - Slip & Fall Hazzard

Protect Your Family Today With The Safe Solution®
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Anti-Slip Bathtub Kit.

Global Floor Safety Solutions is proud to offer our anti slip products to you. The Safe Solution® DIY Anti-Slip Bathtub Kit - making your bathtub safe since 1997! Watch our installation video below to see how easy it is for you to install the Safe Solution®.

Bringing Peace of Mind through Making Slippery Surfaces Safe.

Our goal at Global Floor Safety Solutions is to provide safe, easy to use, long lasting and environmentally friendly products for slippery bathtubs and other slippery surfaces. Our Safe Solution® DIY Anti-Slip Bathtub Kit is utilized in homes and hotels around the world.

Protect yourself and your family from slip-and-falls!

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Click on the Video Screen above to see how easy it is to apply Safe Solution to your Bathtub

MacDonalds Restaurant

"Since you have applied the Safe Solution® the floor tiles are not
as slippery as they used to be..."
Chandar P. Maharaj - Supervisor, McDonald's Restaurants

Safe Solution - No Slipping Sign

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